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KCELL Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Ceramic press on mouthpiece
  • Full Ceramic
  • Patented sword and flat shape mouthpiece for your option
  • Different silicon colors for different flavors
  • Diameter 11.2mm

Product Details

KCELL is an revolutionary products with full ceramic patent, which has quickly become the new trend of industry by its amazing performance and looking. Compared to other metal cartridges, you don't need to worry about heavy metal problem. It tastes very pure with thick smoke because of the 7th generation ceramic formula. It's designed for high viscosity oil atomized even at the highest vaping temperature. It's kiln-fused at 1100 degrees to creat a sealed, leak-proof heating chamber.

-Customization serivce is available 

-Press on ceramic mouthpiece

-1.0ml available

-Can be customized to work with any viscosity from thick to thin

-510 Threaded

-Packaged in white non-shedding foam and white box

-Mouthpieces are separated from tanks for easy filling

-Lab Tested

-About one week delivery time.

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