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  • We are looking for distributors worldwide for our first dry herb vaporizer Flo-box

    We are looking for distributors worldwide for our first dry herb vaporizer Flo-box

    After one year of research and development, the first dry herb vaporizer Flo-box of SAMPSON is in mass production and on the market. It's standing out in the market by its industry leading technologies like 13s heat up to 220℃, fast...
  • Automated Production

    Automated Production

    For the ceramic mouthpiece, most of factories glue it by manual, so they can't control the quantity of the glue, they can't make sure they put the glue on the right location each time, some mouthpieces will be blocked, or fall of...
  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Firstly, we will check if all are glued well by screwing it in and out on the cartridge, and then each mouthpiece is cleaned with ethyl alcohol before putting them into the foam. Finally, we should make sure each one is not blocked by th...
  • Is my cartridge under-filled?

    Is my cartridge under-filled?

    All of our cartridges have a ceramic heating element, which abosorbs oil when the cartridge is filled to ensure you get a perfect drawing from your very first use without dry burning. In addition, a bit of air pressure is also likely to ...
  • Customization Service

    Customization Service

    We undertake different customized services, the main purpose is to make something special for you, both for cartridges and packing solution, to help you stand out from the market and enlarge your sales. We don't produce the copy bran...
  • New Uniform of SAMPSON

    New Uniform of SAMPSON

    Toestablish a good coporate image and improve the sense of honor of employees, we customized uniform for our employees, hoping we can work together better like a teamwork, work harder, work more effectively, to show a good image of our f...
  • New coming labelling machine

    New coming labelling machine

    To save labor cost for customers, we purchase one labelling machine recently. We put the label on the tubes and put the tubes inside of the packing box for our customers so that they only need to press the cap on after oil filling. Messa...
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